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by providing expert care in surgical intervention of the face and eyes

Specialized Services

Droopy Lids

Droopy eyelids, known as Ptosis, occur when the upper eyelids descend to the extent that they obstruct the pupil and impact peripheral vision.

Watery Eyes

The most common reasons for excessive tearing are when there’s an issue with production, drainage, or fit of the eye.

Lumps & Bumps

The formation of benign lumps and bumps tends to become more common with age and should be assessed by a qualified eyelid specialist.

Meet the Doctor

Dr. Harold Lee

Dr. Harold Lee graduated with honors in 3 years from The Johns Hopkins University with a Chemistry Major. He completed his medical degree at The University of Tennessee, where he graduated #1 in his class rank.

A native of Memphis, Tennessee, Dr. Lee and his wife, have three children and are active in their church and community. He enjoys time with his family, skiing and playing the banjo.

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